Red Band Trailer: ‘Rapturepalooza’ - Coming Soon?

Directed by Paul Middleditch, written by Chris Mathenson, starring Anna Kendrick, John Francis Daley, Craig Robinson, ob Corddry, Ana Gasteyer, Rob Huebel, Ken Jeong, Paul Scheer and John Michael Higgins.

Super solid cast (I mean, you had me at Kendrick), and it looks kind of funny, but as FT points out, there seems to be an overabundance of end-times comedies on the way (one of which includes Robinson), so it’s going to need to do a lot to stand out. There are some clever ideas here: talking animals, doping zombies, the whole nonchalant attitude of everyone. And Robinson’s character brings ‘Dogma’ to mind. Which depending on how you like that movie, could be good or bad.

Regardless, I will see it because, you know, Anna Kendrick.

(via Film Thrasher)

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    looking good in a short form.
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    I’m skeptical but the cast is good so I may see it
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    I’m interested.
  7. laslopalace said: well you know bc theres a black president, more minorities are outnumbering white people,the economy sucks, congress stopped caring and are currently sucking their thumbs bc of the black guy among other things,oh and gay people are almost acceptible
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    It has Sweets and Anna in it-I gotta see it.
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    This looks like garbage. I love it. Listen. I can’t believe the tiny kid from fucking freaks and geeks is so gorgeous...
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    Like Girl Most Likely Imogene, I want to see this strictly for the cast.
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    Kendrick, yes.
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    even though this looks stupid, i’m still gonna watch it.
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