We have arrived

It’s been so long, I’m not sure where to even start!

We moved to Charlotte. We are “moved in” to our house, but that only means that all of our stuff is here - there are still plenty of boxes to unpack, shelves to organize…and there’s a whole nursery mural to figure out how to cover up without painting over it (we won’t get into that here).

Rocky and Reno have a yard! They RUN like crazy - Reno is part rocket ship, so she’s always zooming around in circles, leaping over our steps and making Rocky (who is slow and, let’s be honest, kind of chubby) very angry because he hates to fail and he will always fail when it comes to catching Reno.

We still don’t know much about where to eat or drink or sit and read over coffee, but I do know how to get to the school I now work at without using my GPS, so. Baby steps. Once we’re no longer ridiculously broke all the time, we’ll be able to go out and actually get to know our city. For now, though, we have a hammock and a porch and the circus of Rocky and Reno to keep us entertained. And that seems like enough to me.