Wanna know what my favorite things were this week? Yes? Good! I’l tell you!

1. These hilarious little synchronized dancers

Seriously? Seriously?! Adorable. If you click through to the video on Youtube, you’ll see their parents have uploaded several more hilarious and precious numbers.

2. This recipe for Nutty Seedy Pumpkin Bread

As I’ve mentioned before, my husband LOVES pumpkin. So when the season comes around, I bake pretty much every pumpkin recipe I can get my hands on. This was the second pumpkin bread recipe I’ve made this autumn, and it was delicious. Click on over to The Cozy Kitchen and make it if you, too, are married to (or just are) a pumpkin fiend.

3. Regretsy

I’m late to this bandwagon, but Regretsy is one of the most hilarious sites I’ve found in a long time. As a big etsy fan myself, I’m always bummed to see someone ripping off another artist or selling something as “handmade” and “one of a kind” that’s actually produced in bulk in a warehouse in China. Regretsy is all about calling out those frauds (and the bad policies the company has in place to protect those frauds) with a sense of humor.

4. 750words.com

I’ve told you about this site before, too. While I failed at my goal last month, 750words.com was NOT to blame. They helpfully emailed me every morning to remind me to write. Their site is so user-friendly and easy to use. This month, I’m off to a much better start. If you’re trying to make writing into a habit, definitely take a look at this super-simple site.

5. Fireworks!

We were lucky enough to tag along with a couple of friends to a fancy charity dinner at the Biltmore Estate the other night. We took a mini-tour of the house, we were wined and dined in the highest style, we got to try delicious foods that we would never have ordered for ourselves…

And best of all, there were fireworks. And I. Love. Fireworks.

What were your favorites this week? Leave me your links in the comments!